Benefits of Lacrosse

If you are lucky enough to have a child that expresses interest in playing lacrosse, you can look forward to a lot of things. You child will benefit in many different ways.

Lacrosse is a fun and high energy game that has a long history in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Interest in the game can start at a young age with Under 10’s modified game for girls and boys. The athleticism, skills and finesse that are developed over time in this sport are valuable skills that will benefit girls for years to come.

There is a misconception of danger related to this sport however, and that raises parents concerns regarding their child participating. There has been a lot of work to help Lacrosse be a safe sport and these concerns can be put to rest. Newport Lacrosse Club is working hard to ensure that we have strategies, resources, policies and procedures in place to provide an environment that promotes health and the best care on and off the field.


Benefit No. 1: Mental Acuity

It takes discipline to play lacrosse, a trait your child is sure to strengthen should he or she play with consistency. Like any sport, lacrosse may look to outsiders like a simple ball game with a lot of running up and down a field, but the tactics for successful play and the skill development needed to play will take time and persistence to develop.

Not only will your child develop mental discipline, he or she will also reap the benefits provided by regular exercise. Regular exercise has been shown to improve mental performance time and again, and lacrosse is no exception. This can benefit both mood and performance in school.

Benefit No. 2: Increased Fitness

Lacrosse is a sport that requires a serious level of fitness. Even kids games involve continuous running and sprinting, as well as throwing and catching – all of which keep the heart rate up and the lungs working. This cardiovascular exercise will keep your child fit and strong for the remainder of the time he or she plays the sport; and this is just during the game.

When not playing, your child will be training. Lacrosse training demands skill development, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Competition requires performing at your peak, and your child’s lacrosse coach will do the best he or she can to keep players fit and strong.

It must be noted that lacrosse is an age appropriate sport. If your child is relatively young, the games and the training will be far more focused on fun than on top-tier performance – as they should be. But even at beginning levels, lacrosse will teach your child the fundamentals of physical fitness and the joy of healthy play.

Benefit No.3: Socialisation

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Team sports are an excellent way to teach social interaction and how to work with others. Each team is only as strong as its weakest link, making every member an important component of overall team performance. Lacrosse will teach your child to set goals and accomplish those goals with the help of others, a vital real-world skill.

Overcoming obstacles within a team is also a good way to develop lifelong friendships. Your child will probably develop strong bonds with his or her teammates. This can make the harder years of schooling a little bit easier. By becoming a member of our club you will no doubt meet new friends of all ages. It has often been said that it is hard to put into words what being a part of this club provides to our girls, it provides positive role models of all ages, new friends, new opportunities, new networks and new skills.

Benefit No. 4: Productive Habits

Devoting time to lacrosse can also teach your child the power of productive habits. The work that goes into the game, including regular practice, teamwork and giving it your all, will teach your child the value of adopting habits that are beneficial. Not every child is lucky enough to experience lessons like these early in life – lessons that can make all the difference as an adult.

Regular practice, healthy eating, getting enough rest, overcoming mistakes and failure – all of these habits can be learned through lacrosse, and are the same habits that separate top performers in the real world.

Benefit No.5: Coordination

One area where lacrosse players benefit is in the training of fine-tuned coordination. Catching a little ball in a cupped net, especially in the middle of a game, is much more difficult than it looks. Combine running, jumping and blocking, and you have a recipe for coordination that will benefit your child for a lifetime.

We encourage parents to come down and have a look at our club and meet our members, girls are welcome to come and have a try of lacrosse by training with us. We can provide gear on loan until a firm decision is made. If you would like more information or if you would like to have a chat with someone please do not hesitate to send an email with your details to

And remember:

We play like girls….try and keep up!

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